We make connections.

Start conversations.

And generate interest.

In short, we get you…

A whole lotta leads!

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Why LeadZeppelin

We help you get real leads

We know that you are busy with work and current clients. Having to seek leads or prospects is time-consuming and does not always yield the results you need. Why LeadZeppelin:

   Building real relationships through leads

   Multiplatform prospecting approach

   Campaigns that lead to real results

We are focused on your results and your brand

There are so many tools out there that offer a service, but LeadZeppelin offers so much more than “just software”.

   A committed team that works for you

   Lead targeting based on your client base

   We take care of the difficult part of building client relationships

How LeadZeppelin Works

We build a targeted prospect list for you using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s database and create engaging scripts for each campaign. We then send out messages over multiple platforms to get the greatest reach and best response. You are alerted about new leads and follow-up questions. We monitor your campaigns throughout the day and make changes to optimize the outcome!

Reach more prospects a day than you can do yourself in a week!

We made connections, start conversations, and book appointments. In short, we grow your business!

Make 1 to 1 Connections with your Customers

We work across all industries. If you know your target audience we will find them and make conecctions.

Expert copyrighting plus AI means better results!

Our team of copywriters knows how to write messages that get open, read and produce engagement. Add AI and you’ve got the industry’s best scripts!


Fill Your CRM with High-Quality Leads


“In the first 24 hours, I’ve signed a recurring revenue contract $100K a year. Holy freaking amazing!!!!!”

“LNKDLY Really Works!!! Amazing!!! I’ve already recommended them to three of my clients. Kudos to the LNKDLY team.”

“LNKDLY does a great job for their clients, making sure that we understand everything. The results are beyond what we ever anticipated!”

“The LNKDLY team is top-notch! We’ve been using the service for over a year and it is our #1 source for quality leads.”

“The LNKDLY team is top-notch. They are knowledgeable, supportive, and follow-up to ensure we achieve our goals. I recommend speaking with them.”

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