What We Do

Gain Quality Leads with Proven Email & LinkedIn Outreach

A picture showing a man explaining LinkedIn weekly report on a laptop screen.

Establish your niche audiences

Target qualified prospects

Create relevant and personalized copy for each campaign

Create response templates

A/B Test copy to find the highest performing version

Utilize a response handling dashboard

Tag and organize your leads

Designated Account Manager

Compiled a Weekly metrics report


Our Proven 5 Step Strategy

In order to target effectively and create relevant enticing messages for your prospects, LeadZeppelin takes the time to get to know you and your business. 

We create targeting campaigns based on your ideal customer. Each campaign will be tracked and targeted individually. 

No two of your clients are the same, and neither are our messages. We create different copies for each of your targeted campaigns. 

Now that your email campaigns are created with individual messaging, it’s time to connect on LinkedIn.  LeadZeppelin reaches out to prospects that have shown interest in your email messages!

We let clients choose if they prefer to respond to their new leads in-house or leave the response to our writers. Per the client’s request, we provide our partner with weekly reporting regarding their campaigns. In an effort to constantly improve and optimize performance, LeadZeppelin tracks outreach and improves your campaigns every week. 


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