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When anything comes along that is new or different, it’s natural for people to have questions. So it makes sense that, given the current state of our world, questions abound from all corners.

For marketers and brands, live-streaming and virtual events have emerged as answers to one critical question of the moment: How can we stay connected and engaged with our community at a time where in-person meetings and events are largely off the table? 

On LinkedIn, both capabilities are available through LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events. Being that these flexible tools are both relatively new, you might have some questions about them, and we’re happy to shed some light. We held an interactive live-stream for the launch of LinkedIn Events back, and opened the door for questions from users. Below, you’ll find the ones we heard most frequently, along with the answers.

Editor’s Note: We updated this post in December 2020 to address new popular questions and reflect features that have been recently added to these products.

LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live FAQ

Do you need LinkedIn Live access to use LinkedIn Events?

No, you do not need access to Live in order to use the Events product. However, if you plan to stream to your event attendees using LinkedIn Live, you will need to apply for access (see below). Streaming live to your attendees via LinkedIn Live is the most optimized and seamless way to facilitate a virtual event on LinkedIn.

How is LinkedIn Live access given? How can I increase my chances of getting approved? 

The first step is to fill out an application to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster. We aim to turn around approvals for qualified Pages within one week. If you haven’t heard back within a month or so of applying, it’s likely your Page doesn’t yet qualify.

As far as improving your Page’s chances of qualifying, here are some of the factors taken into consideration

  • Does your organization’s LinkedIn Page have an established audience with strong engagement?
  • Do you have a history of posting organic video to your Page? 
  • Does your brand interact with its community on the platform, by responding to comments and engaging in open dialogues?

If you’re looking to build up your Page’s following for consideration, consider launching a Sponsored Content campaign with that objective, and also taking advantage of the “Invite to Follow” function in order to convert your relevant 1st-degree profile connections in loyal Page followers. If you work with a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions rep, they can help make sure your Page is primed for success with LinkedIn Live.

How do I use LinkedIn Live to run my LinkedIn Event?

Beyond simplifying your tech stack by making LinkedIn your end-to-end events platform, choosing to host your virtual event content using LinkedIn Live offers a few other key benefits. When you go live to a LinkedIn Event, we’ll notify all attendees when your broadcast starts with a push notification, which they can click into for seamless transportation into your event. From there, they can easily navigate between the live video content and the LinkedIn event page, where they can engage with other attendees before and after, learn about the event speakers, and more. 

So here’s how to do it: Once your Page is approved for LinkedIn Live broadcasting, using the tool to stream into a LinkedIn Event is easy. Start by creating an event from your organization’s LinkedIn Page and move the slider for “Is this an online event?” to yes. You can find more information here. This ensures that you can stream live from your third-party broadcast tool into the Event. 

Can I capture attendee info such as name, email, and company with LinkedIn Live?

Not just yet. To start, you’ll get a list of those who attended your event on LinkedIn (non-downloadable at this time). In just a few weeks, we will be introducing an organic registration flow that enables marketers to capture key info such as name and email address for free and download via an Excel file after the event. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so that you’re the first to hear when this exciting update drops! 

Can we have multiple hosts within a stream on LinkedIn Live

Yes, it’s easy to feature a number of remote hosts and/or guests on your LinkedIn Live stream. Many of our third-party broadcast tools allow for remote guesting directly from the software interface, including Streamyard, Switcher & Socialive. Learn more in this quick guide.

Can LinkedIn Live generate any audience metrics after the event? 

It sure can. As a Page Admin, you can find your video analytics underneath your live video in the feed, whether you’ve gone live to your event or Page. 

In addition to engagement and awareness metrics (Likes, Comment, Shares, Lifetime Watchtime, Live Viewers at Peak, etc.), you’ll also be able to access audience firmographics data, such as top companies, job titles, and locations that tuned into your broadcast. No other platform offers professional firmographic insights at this level for live-streaming.

Do I need to be an admin on my LinkedIn Page in order to set up a LinkedIn Event through the Page using LinkedIn Live?

Yes, you have to first be an admin of your Page, then you must apply for access to LinkedIn Live indicating which admins (including yourself, if applicable) will be setting up the stream and thus needing approval for LinkedIn Live. 

We take these steps to protect member trust: LinkedIn Live is a powerful tool and we want to make sure it is only available to high-quality, trusted content creators with a substantial and engaged audience on LinkedIn. 

Will there be a link to the event recording after my live stream ends?

When you go live with LinkedIn for your virtual event, the live stream — and subsequently, the recording — lives in a post on the event feed indefinitely. 

How can I make the replay available for all my network, including those who have not registered? 

We are working on an update to our product experience that allows public sharing of a live stream when streamed to a LinkedIn Event audience. Look for this early in the coming year (2021). 

Can I create polls for my audience during a LinkedIn Event?

You can indeed, and it’s a great way to drive useful engagement before and after your event. Consider posting a poll in your event feed to learn more about what your audience is excited to hear about or what they want to learn about next. Note that polls are not yet available within a LinkedIn Live stream. 

What if we need people to register through a Zoom link, as opposed to going live into the event?

We recommend making this very clear in your event description and event feed. Consider using a registration form to collect email addresses from those interested, and email them a reminder to register with Zoom. Alternatively, you can use Zoom to go Live on LinkedIn (the optimal experience). Here’s a helpful resource on how to use Zoom to go Live on LinkedIn.

Is it possible to host an event directly within a (closed) LinkedIn Group?

That capability is not available at this moment, but we are exploring it. 

Is there a way for attendees to add events to their calendars?

Yes! We’ve enabled this functionality on both mobile and desktop. Look for it right under the event’s date and time. 

Can I create a recurring event for serial content? 

Currently, you cannot create a recurring event. However we are exploring introducing this capability in the future. In the meantime, we recommend creating a new LinkedIn Event for each event in your series for optimal attendee experience and results. 

What kind of ad reporting is available for Single Image Ads promoting my LinkedIn Event?

When using a LinkedIn Event URL as the destination URL in a Single Image Ad campaign (only for select objectives), you’ll get access to view, click, and total registrations that the campaign drove for your event. Learn more here.

Do I need to have a minimum number of attendees in order to retarget the audience with a post-event nurture campaign?

You will need a minimum of 300 registrants in order to retarget this audience.

Can I integrate LinkedIn Events with my CRM or Marketing Automation tools to pass attendee data through? 

Not at this time, but we’re exploring integrations in the next phases of these products.

Can I remove commentary on the side of a LinkedIn Live stream?

Very soon, you’ll be able to enable “quiet mode” to hide the comment feed. Until, then we hope that you’ll benefit from the side conversations and potentially join in yourself! 

Is there a LinkedIn Group I can join for more discussion and information-sharing around LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live?

You bet! These topics are a frequent focus in our LinkedIn Page Admin Group. Feel free to join the conversation.

Bring Your Community Together in Real-Time

With all this knowledge in hand, are you feeling ready to set up an event and take your digital community engagement to new levels? You’ll find plenty more guidance on our LinkedIn Virtual Events Solutions website.