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Autodesk makes software for people who make things. Over 100 million people use Autodesk software like AutoCAD, Revit, BIM 360, Maya, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, SketchBook, and more to unlock their creativity and solve important design, business, and environmental challenges. 


Autodesk wanted to move high-intent key accounts down the funnel faster to support their construction business line, Autodesk Construction Solutions.

As stated on their website, “Since our earliest days, Autodesk has driven innovation in the built world. First by leading the architecture and engineering professions from paper design to CAD. Next by evolving the industry from 2D design to data-rich 3D models. And now, we enter the third phase: connected construction.”*


Autodesk turned to Conversation Ads as the best way to intimately engage their target audience in LinkedIn messaging. Leveraging website retargeting, their Construction audience segment consisted of different URLs that had been visited from their recent project management campaign. Specifically, Autodesk used Conversation Ads, powered by LinkedIn retargeting, to send previous traffic from their blog to specific eBook downloads and accelerate conversions. 

Impressive Results

Autodesk’s Conversation Ad campaign performed better than benchmarks, increasing their cost-per-lead efficiency by 15% while increasing Lead Gen Form submission rates by 28%. 

“This campaign did much better than anything we had done in any other social channel. Now that we can see the impact of this new format and what retargeting can do for conversion rates, we’re looking at more bottom of the funnel campaigns, promoting a demo for our Project Management Software.”  

— Kyle Gainey, Pipeline Marketing Manager at Autodesk. 

Ongoing Experimentation and Optimization 

Autodesk loves the fact that messages can come from key members of their team, which is inspiring future campaigns to target accounts where they get to “meet the team” who can help them be successful with their next project.

“Conversation Ads give us the ability to reach our most important audiences in ways that have never been this efficient. For campaigns in the future, it shows how you can deliver personalization at scale, and really help our sales teams capture those who are most interested in an automated way.”  

— Adam Higgins, Demand Generation Manager, Autodesk Construction Cloud 

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Start Quality Conversations with the Professionals you want to Engage

As audience preferences evolve toward being more interactive and conversational, savvy advertisers are changing the way they connect with communities. Conversation Ads let you interact with your audience in a way that yields real results. By creating a “choose your own” dialogue path, this format allows you to build deeper connections with professionals while generating quality leads.

*Source: What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

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